CarbonWorks Bottle Cage

Weight weenies rejoice!

Just over a year ago, I was wrapping up a weight weenie build for personal use. Overall the build was better than I had hoped, 5920grams for a 58cm SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod with everything on it including pedals and ENVE 6.7 wheels. Being so close to 5.9kg, I wondered if I could do better. At the time I had little faith in lightweight cages after having broken or lost bottles from having tried the options available from Tune, Lightweight, even the Bontrager XXX. The biggest disappointment of all was the carbon kevlar ribbon style from Tune, getting bottles in an out was difficult and distracting. This was however the only way I could shave some grams, easy. King Ti cages are very good but not exactly #weightweenie at 26grams each so I started looking for what was out there. This is when I found the thread on weightweenies that Simon (the owner of CarbonWorks) had started. His product was certainly light, very light in fact yet he claimed it was suitable enough for MTB use. Even if it were half true, this would suit my road bike needs just fine so I ordered a set to try.

The cages arrived weeks later and initial impressions were skeptical as they felt weightless, fragile. I had them so on they went but I wasn’t expecting much in terms of performance however they did shave 40grams from the overall weight of the bike, perfect, I’m under 5.9kg!

My first few rides were on smoother roads so I could get used to them and to help with the bottle movement, I waxed my bottles, they slipped in and out much much easier. 3 rides later, I was very impressed at how well they held full and empty bottles and I had gotten the hang of using them versus my King Ti cages. Let’s change the road surface, see how they deal with the rough stuff, well sort of, this is a lightweight road bike after all. About 20 minutes away from my doorstep is a commonly traversed road that leads right into Toronto. It does well for preparing anyone on it for what’s to come once you get into the city. Potholes, streetcar tracks, construction, and debris, lots and lots of debris, this road has it all. If these cages were going to fail, it would be this ride but almost 2 hours later, I’m back at my doorstep with cages intact and bottles empty. Think we have a winner!

Now, one year on and the cages are still going strong but the weightweenie bike is gone, sold and replaced by something redder, faster, aeroer?


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